Sunday, December 20, 2009

One of My Favorite Quote!

Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don’t.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beware Of Life, Hope for the Best

Life is full of mysteries and wonders. But I always believed in Expectations.
Till some days before, I believed only in those things which I can expect.

But now I know, anything unexpected can happen. Something really unexpected did happen.
Unexpected in the sense that I didn't expect it to happen even in my lazy dreams.

It changed a little bit on my perceptions about life. Life is to expect something and something unexpected can also be expected in our life. Future would tell us, whether the expected as well as unexpected is for good or bad. Let's always hope for the best in expectations and unexpected things.

So beware of life. Unexpected Can happen at anytime and always Hope for the Best.

Shinu S.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak Wishes To All

Eid Mubarak. . .

A warm & Happy,

Eid -Al-Adha wishes to All of you. . .

Eid -Al-Adha wishes to All of your family. . .

Eid -Al-Adha wishes to All of your beloved ones. . .

May the blessings of Almighty be always with you, your family & your beloved ones.

Shinu S.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Paying Tribute To The Martyrs Of Mumbai Attack

A great tribute to the martyrs of mumbai attack.
A great tribute to the brave souls who sacrificied their lives for our lives.
A great tribute to the innocent people who lost their lives.

Shinu S.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did We Really Forget Our Evergreen Hero ?

Stage Name : Prem Nazir

Original Name : S. Abdul Khader

Born : April 7 1926

Died : January 16 1989 (Aged 62)

First Film : Marumakal (1952)

Last Film : Dhwani (1988)

Records : 1. Guinness Record for the lead role in over 700 films.
2. Guinness Record for playing opposite the same heroine (Sheela) in 107 films.
3. In 1979, 39 of his films got released.

Major Awards : The Government of India has honoured him with the Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, the third and fourth highest civilian honours respectively, for his contribution towards Indian cinema.

In this era of sponsored programmes, I think we really forgot our evergreen hero - Prem Nazir.
Nazir was the man who revolutionized the concept of a Romantic Hero.
Nazir was the man who showed us the essential qualities of a good Hero.
Nazir was the man who introduced the fun & jovial nature of a Hero in Malayalam movies.
Nazir was the man who re-shaped malayalam film industry in a better way.
Nazir was the man who made us believe that film is an art form.

Despite all these and a number of other things he has done, we almost forgot him.
Malayalam film industry at some extent forgot the marvelous super star of an era.
No one will say sorry for this, because it's human nature. We tend to forget.

But. . .

We still Miss Prem Nazir. . .

We still Miss a Romantic Hero. . .

We still miss an Evergreen Hero. . .

Shinu S.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sachin - Beauty Of The Art Cricket !

I'm not a die hard fan of Cricket. But Sachin is the man who made me love the game cricket a little bit. Every one can enjoy the beauty of an Art. But Sachin is the man who made me love Cricket.

And Sachin is the beauty and jewel of the art Cricket.

A big congratulations to sachin for crossing 17,000 and also for the marvelous 20 years. Sachin, we - Indians - expect more from you. And you are the one who at most times rose to expectations and beyond. You can achieve more. We - Indians - are proud of you.

Shinu S.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grant Me A Day. . .

I can still feel you,
When my soul weeps in loneliness,
Soul which hold you once;
I can still feel you,
When my heart sighs in agony,
Heart which was all yours once;
I can still feel you my dear,
Though I forced myself not to;
I can still feel your love.

How can I keep myself from,
The ever flowing gentle breeze?
Remembering me of your smile;
How can I keep myself from,
The lasting symphony of nature?
Remembering me of your words;
Thoughts which can haunt me for awhile.

How can I awake from my dreams?
Without remembering about the dreams,
We made together without telling each other;
How can I stop shedding my tears?
After remembering about the tears you shed,
After you realize that the answer,
For your prayer and our dreams are weep.

Could anything make me forget about,
The adieu you made in grief?
How can I forget about your adieu?
After seeing the adieu of calm evening,
After seeing the adieu of lazy winter,
After seeing the adieu of starry sky,
Adieu we were forced to do.

Oh! God, please grant me a day on earth,
A day without her feelings and thoughts,
A day without her dreams and adieu;
Oh! God, please grant me a day in your paradise,
To hold her hands for once and
Walk through the flowery valleys of paradise,
Which we dreamed of, here on earth.

Shinu S.

Friday, October 23, 2009

From the world of stars. . .

From the world of stars,
Into the world of love;
From the world of heaven,
Into the world of lives;
Spreading the dazzling light of moon,
Illuminating the sense of hope,
In the time of dark silence.

Radiance inspiring the thoughts
of broken hearts,
Radiance arousing the sense of
Joy in wandering minds,
Radiance vanishing the pain of
Despair the day brought in,
Radiance soothing the soul.

Illuminating the land of love,
Illuminating the waves of joy,
Illuminating the sky of hope,
Illuminating the thoughts of passion,
Illuminating the comfort of souls,
Illuminating the valley of pleasure,
Illuminating the silence of ecstacy.

Radiance which made me remember,
All the joy the life brought in;
Radiance which made me remember,
All the lovely faces I debted to;
Radiance which made me remember,
All the blessings I owed to;
Radiance which made me think.

Thing which won't make me sigh,
Thing which won't make me cry,
Thing which can make me high,
Thing which can make me fly,
The dazzling light of moon,
From the world of stars,
Into the valley of love.

Shinu S.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friends – Secret Colours of Nature

Friends – Fragrance of our breathe with which
We can enjoy the taste of being alive;
Fragrance with which the garden of
Our heart blossoms with care and love;
Fragrance which will stay with our souls,
Even after our soul’s departure;
Fragrance which keep us fresh forever and ever.

Friends – Rhythm of our soul which helps us
To sing along with the silence of life;
Rhythm which feeds our longing heart;
Rhythm which keeps us in harmony with
Our nature so that we can enjoy
The music of love in everything we see;
Rhythm which thrills us forever and ever.

Friends – Intimate part of our lives with which
We can face the sorrows of life with a smile;
How clouds are intimate to humble sky,
How leaves are intimate to gentle breeze,
How seasons are intimate to moving earth,
More intimate are friends to our lives;
Intimate to our lives forever and ever.

Friends - Enthusiasm of our thoughts with which
We can climb the stairway to our dreams;
The enthusiasm which keeps us moving,
Through the struggle our life bring for us;
The enthusiasm which makes us strong ,
At heart to achieve everything we can;
Enthusiasm of our thoughts forever and ever.

Friends – Nostalgia of our minds with which
A feeling of loneliness is felt at the heart in their absence;
Nostalgia which makes us believe that
Time is too much precious in their presence;
Nostalgia which makes our minds travel,
Through time and keeps with us those precious moments;
Nostalgia of our mind forever and ever.

Friends - Dearest of our hearts with which
We can count every seconds our heart beats for them;
How stars are dearest to night,
How colours are dearest to rainbow,
How winds are dearest to sunset,
More dearest are friends to our hearts;
Dearest of our heart forever and ever.

Friends – Sweetness of our vision with which,
The beauty of life can be felt at each second;
Sweetness which came as a response from heaven,
For the longing desire of our soul to be happy;
Sweetness with which a new world of,
Our own is build out of joy and passion;
Radiance of sweetness forever and ever.

Shinu S.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What can I expect ?
What can I expect from Waves ?
Waves which sweeps on sea shore,
Waves which bring forth
The chillness from the
Heart of mighty ocean,
Which keeps it's mystery hidden.

What can I expect from Waves ?
Which brings it with the breeze,
The gentle breeze from heaven, which can
Do magic in the minds on which
It lashes smoothly and softly,
The magic which lasts
As long as it lashes on us.

What can I expect from Waves ?
Waves which stood as witness,
For million smiles and
Joy from happy minds.
Waves which stood as witness,
For million cries and
Sorrows from broken hearts.

What can I expect from Waves ?
Which brings it with calm breeze;
Breeze which inspired gentle
Minds to face the struggle,
Breeze which dried out the tears
From the soul, which made it
And the cheeks, which beared it.

What more do I need to expect ?
From the waves which made me think
For a while about the mystery it holds;
Mystery which sweeps out noises from weeping hearts
And makes it in harmony with silent nature,
Mystery which makes us not be afraid
Of waves which is furious sometimes.


Shinu S.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maa Tujhe Salaam, I feel Proud to be an Indian.


Yesterday, 15th August 2009 we celebrated the 63rd Indian Independence day (and ofcourse 62nd 'year' of Indian Independence). I feel proud to be an Indian who is living in one of the best sovereign, democratic, republic in the world. I here by wishing you - all the Indians over the world - a happy independence day. (Yes, belated wishes!).

Unity in diversity is our strength. Let us be stand united irrespective of colour, cast, creed, region & religion. Let us be stand united against the external as well as internal forces trying to disturb our unity in diversity. Let us be stand united against the forces trying to 'divide and rule' us on the basis of colour, cast, creed, region & religion.

United we stand, divided we fall , history bears testimony for this! Let us be stand united against all odds. It's our land. No one can take anyone out of their home land on the basis of anything by force.

Once again wishing all the Indians a belated Happy Independence Day.

Maa Tujhe Salaam. . .


Shinu S.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Mirage. . .

I don’t know when it all started,
I don’t know why it all happened,
But it did.
I call it a Mirage, even after,
I know it was real.
I call it a Mirage, only because,
Of reasons which I can’t even perceive yet.

A Mirage, which gave me a feeling,
That I’m special to at least someone.
A Mirage, which gave me a feeling,
That time is precious and short.
A Mirage, which gave me a feeling,
That Life is so much beautiful.
A Mirage – A Feeling.

A Mirage, that changed,
The world around me.
A Mirage, that changed,
The way I think.
A Mirage, that changed,
The way I imagine.
A Mirage – A Change.

A Mirage which made me sense;
The beauty of gentle breeze,
The beauty of calm evening,
The beauty of shivering rain,
The beauty of every Color and Dark Silence.
A Mirage – A Sensation.

The Mirage was not an Illusion,
For, the feeling was real,
For, the change was real,
For, the sensation was real.
But the Mirage will be an Illusion,
For, it can’t make me feel the same again.
A Mirage – An Illusion.


Shinu S.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Great Tribute to the One Man Army - Michael Jackson.


This post is to pay a great tribute to the one man army - Michael Jackson - who revolutionized the modern music on earth. Everyone is sure for one thing , there won't be another Michael Jackson on earth here after! And no one can be him as far as music is concerned. Also people on earth know that the thriller gone but the thrill of his music will remain here. We love your music, we don't care about how much controversies you were in. We don't know about you personally, we know you only by your music not by the controversies you made. So Rest In Peace. We know you inspired people positively. We know you tried to change the world. We know you were a good musician.

A few of my favourite songs of late MJ.

Shinu S.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Election 2009 - Peoples Verdict In India


First of all Hearty Congratulations to all the winners. . .

Once again majority of the people of India proved that they are not biased. They once again uphold the value of unity and secularism. They proved to the whole world that India is a Secular Nation. We Indians proved beyond doubt that NO ONE can divide us based on religion at all time. If they ever try to inject into us communal venom from their blood, definitely we will make them sit like this!

We will definitely wipe out communalism from India in a short run. We Indians will stand united for it. No matter how they - some national leaders and their parties - try to divide us based on religion! We love unity and integrity.

Here in India one man promised us a secular nation and a nation of unity. We love unity and secularism and made him pose like this!

Now it is clear that. . .
Indian Government is the. . .
Government OF THE PEOPLE. . .
Government FOR THE PEOPLE. . .
and definitely. . .
Government BY THE PEOPLE. . .

Jai Ho. . .


Shinu S.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RAGGING. Are we in favour of it ?

Latest Known Victim : P.S.Akhil Dev, 19 yr old, first year BBM student of PSG Arts and Science
College, Coimbatore.
Date : March 7, 2009.
Event & Venue : Akhil was brutally ragged by 5 of his seniors in his private hostel room.
Now : The victim suffering from serious mental trauma, serious injuries to eyes (9 holes in his retina) and ears.
Usual after effects : Coverage news for media for two or three days



These things forced me think that we are in favour of ragging.
Just think for a while...
How many ragging cases before this incident ?
How many flash news about ragging before ?
How many anguished parents before ?
(There were cases that seniors even raped juniors in the name of ragging!)

But NO USE. We can't curb this menace yet. Why ?

Quoting the words of victim's father, Sunil Paremeswaran "Such a thing would never happen to anyone else in future".

One question : Is this is the first time he came to hear about the very bad side of ragging ?

How many times it thundered before ?

Remember, there are millions of parents awaiting to utter these same sentense in vain!

The very funny part is that, words of victim's father itself, "This was not the first time
the boy was beaten." (?!!)

Where were his parents at that time ?

50% of the responsibility of all ragging cases is with the victim itself.

Why do they allow someone to humiliate them ?
Why do they allow someone to harass them ?
Why do they allow someone to insult them ?

What makes your seniors better than you ?
Don't you have a character ? Don't you have a personality ?
Are you a slave of you seniors ?

Let us wait and see...

In the hope that we will get more victims and more brutal stories in future!
Because we are not ready to respond. We are adjusting. Let it be...

Shinu S.

Note : Now I'm doing my PG and till date I didn't allow myself to fall as a prey to seniors for ragging. But they have approached me !

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A request to all Politicians...

Dear Politicians & National Leaders,


Never try to divide My country - India on the basis of religion.
Please don't divide My India on the basis of caste or creed.
India had witnessed the pathetic effect of communalism before many times.
Please don't ignite it again.
We need a strong India, a strong generation but communalism is not the answer!
We achieved great things when we stand united. We will achieve it again.

Shinu S.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A R Rahman & Oscar


As usual A R Rahman did it again... But now it's Oscar... And it's two...
Hearty congratulations to A R Rahman...
He rose to our expectations every time... Do critics of A R Rahman have something to say now?

Shinu S.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Does India really need a change ?

Note : Please don't consider this post as a mere description or review of a movie. Because this post at one point mentioned about a recently released bollywood movie. I did so, because I found some very positive elements in that movie which is relevant to my current post. I’m not a movie critic! I’m just writing about an urgent change need to be taken by all Indians for our country’s progress.


Do we really need a change ? Do we really lacks something which will help us in the development of our country in every walk of life ?

In my opinion, it is a big YES ! We really lacks unity among people ! Now a days people are divided and trying to divide - not on the basis of territory – but on the basis of their own faith;their religion!! A very pathetic cum shameful condition. Above 50% of problems we are facing is created by it!!

Remember it is in a country which once boasted of it’s ‘Unity in Diversity’.
Remember it is from one of the largest secular countries in the world.
Remember it is now in a country which has achieved great things (socially, scientifically, economically) when people were stand united and worked together.
Remember nothing great can be achieved if we stand divided (on any grounds). If we do it, then we will definitely fall and fail!

No religion in the whole world teaches it ‘s followers to hate the other followers. If it were, then it won’t be a religion and it can’t be. There is no proof from the history that any acharyas/gurus/prophets of any religion said so ! Then why do the followers of it do the other way round ?

We need to work united, live united, stand united. After all we are living in the same country and were created by the same creator ! Then why do we and for what purpose ?

A recently released bollywood movie – Delhi 6 – depicts very strategically and in a very positive way, how these real problems were created. It shows us very tactically how can we solve these problems. It shows us how beautiful the life will be with religious harmony and how worst it could be in the middle of religious hatred ! It urges us to change our focus and kill ‘the kaala bandhar’ in our own minds to make life on earth so beautiful.
The director assures us – Indians – via the hero of the movie that, ’India works ; the people make it works’. Definitely, on the basement of unity and religious harmony ‘INDIA WILL WORK ; WE WILL MAKE IT WORK’.

If we are ready to do it, then we can wipe off all kinds of anti social elements from our mother India. If we do so, we can alleviate the social insecurities, we can alleviate poverty, we can alleviate the violence and so on.

All we need to do is change our negative mind settings and change the mind sets of coming generations and present generation in a very positive way.
Teach them love, teach them religious harmony, teach them life.
Let they live in a beautiful and wonderful world in general and a wonderful India in particular.

Remember Indian history taught us
American president is not going to change our lives and solve our problems ! They have their own problems. Let us ourselves change our life here.

Shinu S.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Wishes - Welcome A.D.-2009.


I hereby wishing a Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone around the world.
May the Almighty God throws cheer and joy to your life.
May the Almighty bless you to fulfill your dreams.
May the Almighty remove hatred from your hearts and fills with heavenly spirits and virtues.

Wishing You and Your beloved ones a wonderful Year. . .
Welcome A.D. 2009. . .

Shinu S.

One New Year Resolution on One New Year 2009


Before, for a few years, on and before 1st January I had a habit of making many decisions and forgetting about them in the following days! Most of the unimportant & urgent decisions have worked well, but the Important decisions in vain! It may be due to several reasons.

It may be due to my habit of laziness...
It may be due to my habit of procrastination...
It may be due to my habit of waiting for a good start...
It may be due to my lack of confidence...
It may be due to my lack of will power...
It may be due to my lack of motivation...
It may be due to any hidden, unknown reason...

But again if that is going to happen this year 2009, then there won't be new year special posting like this on my blog the next year 2010! And if again that is going to happen-which have been happening since 2003 then my life will get out of control!
But I want that posting on my blog next year with Almighty's support and I want my life under my own control with the blessings of one and only one Almighty God.

So here is my personal resolution. . .
I want to change myself a little bit.

Shinu S.