Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grant Me A Day. . .

I can still feel you,
When my soul weeps in loneliness,
Soul which hold you once;
I can still feel you,
When my heart sighs in agony,
Heart which was all yours once;
I can still feel you my dear,
Though I forced myself not to;
I can still feel your love.

How can I keep myself from,
The ever flowing gentle breeze?
Remembering me of your smile;
How can I keep myself from,
The lasting symphony of nature?
Remembering me of your words;
Thoughts which can haunt me for awhile.

How can I awake from my dreams?
Without remembering about the dreams,
We made together without telling each other;
How can I stop shedding my tears?
After remembering about the tears you shed,
After you realize that the answer,
For your prayer and our dreams are weep.

Could anything make me forget about,
The adieu you made in grief?
How can I forget about your adieu?
After seeing the adieu of calm evening,
After seeing the adieu of lazy winter,
After seeing the adieu of starry sky,
Adieu we were forced to do.

Oh! God, please grant me a day on earth,
A day without her feelings and thoughts,
A day without her dreams and adieu;
Oh! God, please grant me a day in your paradise,
To hold her hands for once and
Walk through the flowery valleys of paradise,
Which we dreamed of, here on earth.

Shinu S.

Friday, October 23, 2009

From the world of stars. . .

From the world of stars,
Into the world of love;
From the world of heaven,
Into the world of lives;
Spreading the dazzling light of moon,
Illuminating the sense of hope,
In the time of dark silence.

Radiance inspiring the thoughts
of broken hearts,
Radiance arousing the sense of
Joy in wandering minds,
Radiance vanishing the pain of
Despair the day brought in,
Radiance soothing the soul.

Illuminating the land of love,
Illuminating the waves of joy,
Illuminating the sky of hope,
Illuminating the thoughts of passion,
Illuminating the comfort of souls,
Illuminating the valley of pleasure,
Illuminating the silence of ecstacy.

Radiance which made me remember,
All the joy the life brought in;
Radiance which made me remember,
All the lovely faces I debted to;
Radiance which made me remember,
All the blessings I owed to;
Radiance which made me think.

Thing which won't make me sigh,
Thing which won't make me cry,
Thing which can make me high,
Thing which can make me fly,
The dazzling light of moon,
From the world of stars,
Into the valley of love.

Shinu S.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friends – Secret Colours of Nature

Friends – Fragrance of our breathe with which
We can enjoy the taste of being alive;
Fragrance with which the garden of
Our heart blossoms with care and love;
Fragrance which will stay with our souls,
Even after our soul’s departure;
Fragrance which keep us fresh forever and ever.

Friends – Rhythm of our soul which helps us
To sing along with the silence of life;
Rhythm which feeds our longing heart;
Rhythm which keeps us in harmony with
Our nature so that we can enjoy
The music of love in everything we see;
Rhythm which thrills us forever and ever.

Friends – Intimate part of our lives with which
We can face the sorrows of life with a smile;
How clouds are intimate to humble sky,
How leaves are intimate to gentle breeze,
How seasons are intimate to moving earth,
More intimate are friends to our lives;
Intimate to our lives forever and ever.

Friends - Enthusiasm of our thoughts with which
We can climb the stairway to our dreams;
The enthusiasm which keeps us moving,
Through the struggle our life bring for us;
The enthusiasm which makes us strong ,
At heart to achieve everything we can;
Enthusiasm of our thoughts forever and ever.

Friends – Nostalgia of our minds with which
A feeling of loneliness is felt at the heart in their absence;
Nostalgia which makes us believe that
Time is too much precious in their presence;
Nostalgia which makes our minds travel,
Through time and keeps with us those precious moments;
Nostalgia of our mind forever and ever.

Friends - Dearest of our hearts with which
We can count every seconds our heart beats for them;
How stars are dearest to night,
How colours are dearest to rainbow,
How winds are dearest to sunset,
More dearest are friends to our hearts;
Dearest of our heart forever and ever.

Friends – Sweetness of our vision with which,
The beauty of life can be felt at each second;
Sweetness which came as a response from heaven,
For the longing desire of our soul to be happy;
Sweetness with which a new world of,
Our own is build out of joy and passion;
Radiance of sweetness forever and ever.

Shinu S.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What can I expect ?
What can I expect from Waves ?
Waves which sweeps on sea shore,
Waves which bring forth
The chillness from the
Heart of mighty ocean,
Which keeps it's mystery hidden.

What can I expect from Waves ?
Which brings it with the breeze,
The gentle breeze from heaven, which can
Do magic in the minds on which
It lashes smoothly and softly,
The magic which lasts
As long as it lashes on us.

What can I expect from Waves ?
Waves which stood as witness,
For million smiles and
Joy from happy minds.
Waves which stood as witness,
For million cries and
Sorrows from broken hearts.

What can I expect from Waves ?
Which brings it with calm breeze;
Breeze which inspired gentle
Minds to face the struggle,
Breeze which dried out the tears
From the soul, which made it
And the cheeks, which beared it.

What more do I need to expect ?
From the waves which made me think
For a while about the mystery it holds;
Mystery which sweeps out noises from weeping hearts
And makes it in harmony with silent nature,
Mystery which makes us not be afraid
Of waves which is furious sometimes.


Shinu S.